Account Application

One thing that has always annoyed me is the assumption that everyone in the world has an e-mail address.

Some people, especially those new to computer use, don't have an account they can call their own. Many people use public computers. Others borrow computer time from family and friends. When asked for their current e-mail address, typically while applying for a Google, Yahoo, Excite, or Hotmail address, how are they to respond? By giving the address belonging to the person owning or operating the computer they are using?

We are going against the trend by offering people the option to sign-up using their REAL, postal address. If you do not have a current e-mail address, simply complete the form, submit it, and we will mail you by postal carrier the information you need to establish an account.

That's all there is to it.

For those of you who have an e-mail address and want a separate account for a temporary assignment or to use as an alternate, we will send our response to your current e-mail address.



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